Fast forward

It’s been almost two years exactly since my last post, and much as changed. Chief has moved to another department. We had a new Leader step-in, and get things more organized for our team, but then left for greener pastures.

Now I’ve been assigned as the new team Leader. Oh my God.

Sadgirl and Cindy are still up to their old tricks. However, our new organization keeps them moving relatively forward with work, but mostly Sadgirl. Cindy is still pretty useless.

Sadgirl is a little less sad, but still busy with outside work, and has a negative attitude most days.

We also have two interns now, helping us with some work. They are great, and I wish they could just take over Cindy’s work, so that maybe it will get done in a timely matter. But alas….

The next year should be interesting. Come May, when I hit my milestone anniversary, I’ll probably be actively looking for other work.



Cindy had to add a link for our website to a web portal. A very simple task.

But for some reason, it wasn’t working. The link on the portal kept returning an error.

After a couple of hours, she asked me if I would take a look at her setup, and make sure she didn’t miss anything. So I did.

The setup was fine… but the link she added was to our old url. When I say old, I mean the url we were using a good two years ago. How in the hell does she not know how to get to our own website?! And it wasn’t like she made a typo or didn’t notice it was the old one. She honestly thought that was still the current url.

Cindy doesn’t pay attention. She’s off in another world.



SadGirl complained once again about her computer restarting overnight, and her losing all the unsaved work she leaves open on her desktop.

Does the restart happen every month? Yes.

Does everyone else manage to save their shit so they don’t lose their work when it happens? Yes.

Does she complain every time, rather than do something about it, as if a different outcome will result?

Unfortunately, Yes.

SadGirl is insane.

Is Cindy getting her act together?

That’s the question.

She had her out-patient surgery last week, and took two days off, plus the weekend, to recoup, so I figured she should have no trouble coming in on Monday.

And lo and behold, she was in before me Monday morning! Maybe she was so anxious about her surgery (nothing serious mind you), it caused her to be super late and miss tons of work for the past month and a half?

Hmm… either way, that’s not acceptable. Well, it’s about 8:30 now, and still no Cindy. So perhaps she’ll be back to her ol’ late ways in no time.

I got $5 on 9:00am.

Cindy Stats – Wednesday Edition

Cindy has a doctor’s appointment today, but yesterday she insisted she was going to come in to work beforehand. I didn’t really believe her.

Well, it’s 8:30 now, and she sent an email saying she was coming in at 9. I hate her.

Her appointment is at 11:10.

Will she come in today?  And if so, what time?  Everybody place your bets.

I got $10 on 9:30.

Update: And the winner is…… 9:30!!  Finally!

Cindy Stats – Tuesday Edition

It’s 9am, and no Cindy, and no email from Cindy. Place your bets everybody… when is she coming in?

Put me down for $10 on 9:30.

Update: I was waaay off. Apparently she had some “mystery meeting” offsite. Whatever Cindy. She got in at 10:30.

I’m down $15 this week.

Cindy Stats – Monday Edition

Cindy’s email this morning (yet again) – “I’ll be in at 9:30”

Okay, any bets on when she actually comes in?

I got $5 on 10:30.

Update: Welp, I lost $5. She got here at 10. Oh well. At least someone brought bagels.


Cindy Stats – Friday Edition

Cindy’s email today –  “I’ll try to be in at 9:30.”

Um…  thanks?

Also, Do or Do not. There is no try.

Update: Walked in at 10. Ooooh, so close! Try harder next time, or better yet, come in at 8am like you’re supposed to. Seriously… what the hell.

I’m starting to think that all of these “half days” Cindy has been taking lately, she’d normally make full-on “sick days”. But she probably doesn’t have anymore paid sick days left. Oh, but she has a bad cough, and it’s just so draining.

In general though, she doesn’t miss Fridays as often. And when she’s late, it’s never so late that she misses her massage appointment.

Cindy Stats – Thursday Edition

Cindy’s email at 8:30, “I’ll be in at 9


Update:  9:00 No Cindy.

9:15. No Cindy.

9:45. No Cindy.

10:00  No Cindy.

10:20  Cindy!

She really needs to work on those typos.


First conversation of the day:

Sadgirl:  How are you doing this morning?

Me:  I’m doing well, thanks. <Hmm should I even ask? Guess I should.>  And what about you?

Sadgirl:  Well, I woke up alive, so I guess that’s good.


Sadgirl: I hate this email software.

Me: <I know, you say this at least once a week.>

Sadgirl: I can’t even do searches in it.

Me: <Yes you can. You know you can. You’re just too lazy to do it the right way.>

Me: <Puts headphones on>